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Here at B. Wright Leadership Academy we strive to provide parents with the transparency that they need to decide if we are the right setting for their child. Using evidence-based curriculum, our professional educators tailor the learning experience to the diverse needs of each child. With small class sizes and low teacher-student ratios, B. Wright Leadership boasts an individualized experience for each student. Not constricted to the regimen of teaching to the FSA test, our teachers are able to utilize the interests of each child to create hands-on learning experiences to help children activate higher level thinking while still meeting the standards in each subject area.

Striving to educate the whole child, B. Wright Leadership Academy provides a loving environment where children and parents truly become like family. The love and care that our staff pours in to our children every day is why our current parents continue to choose B. Wright Leadership Academy for their child’s education.

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Education The b.Wright Way

B. Wright Leadership Academy Inc.’s mission is to provide a Private K-12 school that will provide a safe and nurturing environment for children by fostering an engaging and educational atmosphere which will promote each child’s unique social, emotional, physical, technology, and cognitive development with a strong emphasis on arts and technology.

  • Integrity
  • Family – Centered
  • Optimal Performance
  • Innovation

BWLA’s position is that we educate college-bound students to achieve academic and personal excellence in an inquiry-driven, idea-rich community. BWLA celebrates diversity of thought, experiences, and culture; promotes compassion, collaboration, courage, and creativity; and develops in children a recognition of their own unique potential as lifelong learners. B. Wright Leadership Academy Inc. vision is to not only teach students how to use technology but to guide students in acquiring skills needed to be successful in the 21st century.

Our program provides a strong foundation for our children that will support future academic pursuit and a life time of learning. We hope that our students leave us knowing:

  • They are capable.
  • They have something to say.
  • They see adults as partners in their learning.
  • They can articulate their feelings, thoughts and knowledge.
  • They can take risks.
  • They are resilient.
  • The world is interesting and safe.
  • There is intrinsic pleasure in learning for its own sake.

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We opened our doors and hearts to the community.


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Our first class of students to attend college.


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We hope to launch a global online academy. 

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