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We believe that when intellect and imagination are intertwined, our students delight in the discovery of connection: in their academic and creative pursuits, in their relationships, and in all that they experience here.
Every day we help our students emerge as flexible and resourceful learners. Because when we do, our students light up with the call and capacity to take on the complexities of their day and a diverse world. At BWLA we listen to our staff to grow organically and infuse our culture and practices with things that work. We prepare our staff to problem solve, maintain trust from students, and take a family-first approach.

Brent Wright- Founder
Visionary 100%
Team Player 100%
Supportive 100%
Creative 100%


Fresh Curriculum to ensure success 


We are focused on Tech & The Arts


A Staff that is more like family promotes healthy culture. 


Constantly Updating our facilities to meet needs of staff and students. 


An award winning staff and incentivize  our teachers to keep the culture competitive and fun. 

Hear what they say

Excellence in education & research

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Our staff is made up of diverse individuals dedicated to making education transformative and fun

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