B.Wright Leadedrship Academy

Why Us

BWLA is a leading change agent committed to closing the gaps in learning in challenged communities. 


How to Apply

your Child's Education is one of the most important decisions you will make.

We believe no child should be denied a quality education. To become a BWLA student your child must be of at least kindergarten age. If your child has special or behavioral needs you will have to discuss at length their individual needs to ensure our curriculum is the best fit. 

The application process is streamlined to make it easy for our parents and guardians. It is a 4 step process.
  1. Fill out our application (Here)
  2. Apply for financial assistance.
  3. Schedule a tour with our registrar.
  4. Complete Parent Packet.

The onboarding process is simple. Once your application is approved, the registrar will ensure you have received financial options to cover the tuition. There are several scholarships available that you will need to apply for. Once the scholarship or tuition has been settled you will receive a parent package. Health records will be requested as well as transportation needs discussed. We encourage you and the child(ren) to tour the school and become familiar with the environment. We have a dedicated resource to aid you through the process. For your convenience all of  the forms are available on our site. 

Schedule A Visit to BWLA

We follow Strict COVID-19 Protocols to keep all our children, prospects, and staff safe. Be prepared to take a temperature check before entering the campus.